Infinite Aloe Skin Care

The secret of InfiniteAloe 

Moisturizers does not works on the surface of your skin! That is not where the problem is, it is only where you see the problem. Surface products are a short lived relief and sometimes no relief at all. These low-end surface products are always greasy and they always wash off, or they just simply evaporate. Surface lotions is where your money goes down the drain, literally, and you don't see the expected result!

InfiniteAloe Skin Care absorbs deep and delivers nutrients and hydration deep inside your skin where it is really needed.

The scents

InfiniteAloe use only professional scents. It's a personal preference what you like and we offer three options. We take in consideration when offering these options that it will be more than the user who share the scent experience.

It is not the scent that makes a good moisturizer, but the choice of scent makes an important part of the experience.

What are the scents?

The Original scent has a light, professional and pleasant scent. This is the most popular version out of the three. When women have the chance to try, most of them says: "That’s the one!"

Fragrance Free as some conditions are irritated by the fragrance — like eczema or any other oozing skin condition. No fragrance has been added to the cream. Infinite Aloe has many vitamins and other herbs which in their turn has natural scents. Other users are allergic to fragrance and some want to add their own preferred scent or essential oils. Most men prefer this version, but InfiniteAloe is also available with a bold musk scent.

The Special Edition (musk scent) was first developed for men, but also women found it attractive. Often they appreciate it on their men. For men this is a great after-shave. Aloe is very soothing on burns and it can be used on the whole face to prevent premature aging.

InfiniteAloe for Facial Use

Your skin is made up 75% of the collagen. Collagen supports the skin and fills in lines and wrinkles since lack of collagen appears in form of lines and wrinkles.

Facial use

MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C stimulates new collagen.

We add Hyaluronic Acid(HA) and Vitamin C as well as pure Collagen for the health and beauty of your skin. 50% of all Hyaluronic Acid in the body is found in the the dermis and epidermis skin layers. HA keeps the skin hydrated and provides the nourishment transportation to the cells.

The skin cells ability to naturally produce HA decreases with age and that can leave the skin unhealthy and wrinkled. HA has been shown to be absorbed topically and keep the skin hydrated and can prevent wrinkle formation. Hyaluronic Acid has been the subject of great deal of research because of its rejuvenating and moisturizing properties. This is among the best skin treatments you can find. Use it for dry face as well.

For even better facial results review our anti-aging line.

Your Skin layers

The outer layer of your skin is known to be impenetrable. There are topic moisturizers that use ingredients that cause micro-tears in your skin to allow the vitamins to absorb. Our Skin Care use Aloe Vera since aloe penetrates your skin naturally and all the advanced nutrients can absorb without further damage. Once absorbed Skin Care does not wash off and soon after application your skin is dry to the touch.

One 8 oz is a 4-6 month supply and that is affordable for a long lasting high-end skin care product. You need to try it to believe it. It can give you the best dry skin relief you ever had. Many more conditions that can be dramatically improved.

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Increase the results with exfoliation

The Scrub exfoliates your skin of dead and damaged cell for maximum health and beauty. This allows the aloe cream to absorb even deeper.

Exfoliation of dead and damaged skin cells is a natural process called turn-over, but this turn-over time begin to slow from young age and on. You can stimulate you natural exfoliation with a regular use of our Scrub.

All-in-one product

Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller is the main ingredient and the penetrating carrier. The ingredients absorb naturally without any abrasive ingredients.

You simply add nutrition and hydration from the outside to the inside of your skin. Remember that your skin is the largest living breathing organ in your body, but the last that receives nutrition from your daily intake of vitamins. Using InfiniteAloe and its nutrition on a daily basis is preventive skin care.

Skin Care is petrochemical free. It has no mineral oil, no propylene glycol, no paraben and no lanolin.

  • Does not wash off
  • Is 100% absorbent
  • Dry to the touch
  • Leaves a silky soft feeling
  • Absorbs naturally without abrasives
  • Stimulates new healthy cells and tissues and improves your skin condition
  • Improves facial skin