Money Back Guarantee

InfiniteAloe Money Back Guarantee

Our Money Back Guarantee.

Upon a refund request the buyer must return the unused portion of the product in the original container(s) back to the supplier to an address that can be requested in the below link. The reason for this inconvenience is to prevent fraudulent requests.

  • Refunds or Exchanges can ONLY be made for a Single Order. Proof of purchase must be established with supplier. 
  • The money back guarantee is valid within a three month period from the date of the delivery.

In an effort to reduce fraud, no individual InfiniteAloe Skin Care time to be refunded shall exceed $180.00 in value plus eventual applicable sales tax. No InfiniteAloe Gold refund shall exceed $495.95 in value plus eventual applicable sales tax.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any return or exchange if we suspect fraudulent activity.
  • Once a refund has been applied for, no future orders for the same product will be accepted and additional refund requests will be refused for that product.
  • The Money Back Guarantee does not cover Gift Specials or Corporate Gifts. Products received as Corporate gifts cannot be returned for cash exchange.

Upon return of the products refund is requested for, the supplier will return the buyer the full amount paid with the same payment method used to purchase the returned products.

  • The Money Back Guarantee does not cover the return shipping cost. 
  • Each customer who applies for a refund must pay the shipping back to the supplier.

Contact Us for a shipping address to return the unused portion of the product(s) the refund is requested for.

Wholesale products is not covered by any refund policies. 

  • This includes all Specials as (12) 8 oz jars Infinite Aloe, the Gallon InfiniteAloe, and similar deals, sold to the ultimate customer.

The Money Back Guarantee also available in Terms and Conditions under Return Policy.