InfiniteAloe Scrub

Our famous exfoliator. This is where new skin begins.

Scrub is the first step in your day spa

This exfoliator even moisturize your skin with its Aloe Vera!  Exfoliation procedure is an anti-aging procedure that produces perfect skin.

Exfoliated skin breathes easier and can naturally eliminate its waste products more efficiently.  You just feel better.

Healthier skin is starting now

You help your skin to remove the dead and damaged skin cells and polish the surface of your skin.  Then you add the nutrition from the Skin Care deep into your skin and you have begun an anti-aging process.

Successes using our Scrub

"I would like to purchase the Scrub that I received as a free sample - Love the Product!

"I use the Scrub & moisturizer EVERY single day! It makes my makeup go on better & last longer."

Shirley Smith - Houston 7 Aug, 2009

"I have never used a Scrub on my face. I tried your Scrub and my face has never felt better. My friends has commented how much clearer my face looks. I ran out and couldn't find anything like it anywhere. Thanks"

Cheryl Sandiego - Las Vegas 24 Sept 2010

Scrub stimulates new skin

The turnover time of your skin slows as the skin ages and matures, but a regular use of the Scrub, and the Skin Care speeds this process and dramatically improves your skin. That is an anti-aging procedure that produces a perfect skin and beauty you will be proud of.

This is anti-aging preventive care.

Exfoliation | Acne

People with acute acne should use the Scrub no more than two times a week to avoid spreading bacteria.

And as directed apply a light pressure.

You just want to keep your skin clean. Do not scrub of your acne as it could result in scars.

The Scrub belongs with Skin Care

The Scrub helps produce an even better result! This is the first step in your Day Spa experience. It does not tear your skin apart, but it gently exfoliates the skin and leave it soft and supple. It prepares your skin to be moisturized with the Advanced Formula and its nutrition.