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Customer Satisfactions

"The website is nice – it is easy to navigate and professionally done.

"Whenever I need anything I always go through you.

"Any questions or unlikely problems are always promptly answered and solved.

"Again, Thank you and I will be in touch when I order the big jar".

- Beverly, Canada, Feb 17, 2014

"Thank you very much it is exactly what I was looking for.

"Your company really does go over and above for customer service.  Please let your boss know that I was very pleased with the service that I received from you.

"Thank you again."

- L.W. Dec 8, 2013

"I would like to express my appreciate for the wonderful customer service that was given by

"They addressed my concerns immediately and followed up in a very timely manner. 

"My package was received and I am very pleased with its contents. 

"I would order from your company again if the need arises." 

- A.W. Aug 9, 2012

"I appreciate your wonderful customer service! 

"Thanks again for all your help and have a great day!"

- A. W  Sept 08, 2012

"I have looked for a cream for dry arches for years and have not been able to find anything that worked. It took only 2 days for Infinite aloe to work and clear up the skin problem. 

"I wish I had purchased the 4 jars instead of one. 

"I also noticed that the pamphlet said it work on healing acne. My daughter who is 24 has had scarring acne since she gave birth to my first grandchild 4 years ago. Recently when she was home visiting for a weekend I gave her the cream to use on her face on Saturday and again on Sunday. When her husband arrived to pick her up he immediately saw the difference. I sent her home with a pill bottle full of the lotion and I am happy to report that she has received many compliments over the last week about the changes and how different she looks. She is absolutely thrilled and so am I."          

- J.F 25 Feb 2012


"I purchased NanoVera 2 weeks ago from your website and am starting to see the difference with this product as well.  

"Although my wrinkles have not completely disappeared they are softer and my skin has a nice healthy glow. Thanks so much!!!!"

- D.S 30 July 2011"


"This is the second time I've ordered via the web.

"This was a good buy offer. I and a friend find Infinite Aloe to be a terrific moisturizer and we are definitely 'sold' on the product.

"Incidentally, the staff who dealt with us were terrific and lovely to talk to." 

- Dorothy, Great Britain, June 2011


"Your email prompted me to recheck my front porch for your package. 

"I'm happy to say that the package arrived today. Thank you very much for your help and great customer service!"

- Jamie Mayeda, CA , USA, 11 July 2010

"It arrived quickly and I appreciate the good service.

"Also, I'm finding the skin cream to be helpful".

- Elizabeth Kim, CA, USA, 25 June 2009


"I received it yesterday afternoon. It arrived in fine shape. Thank you for your prompt service.

"I love the skin care and I have VERY dry skin. You will do well because of your communication and commitment to customer service. Thank you again!"

- Karen Bishop, San Diego, USA, 9 June 2009


"I was extremely happy with the on-line ordering (which I found easy to use) & your checkout procedure being secure using Pay Pal. It’s brilliant that international shipping can be tracked in this way. Many thanks for keeping me informed".

"Since using NanoVera my skin has improved to such an extent that even my husband has noticed a difference. I have used many different face products over the years, spending a great deal of money, and nothing I’ve used has shown such a marked difference in such a short time."

- Thelma Hogg, Great Britain, June 10, 2009


"I received the shipment in today's mail! Perfect condition and arrived promptly.

"I appreciate your close attention to detail - it really demonstrates your quality customer service. I'm impressed! I'm looking forward to the site being my main supplier of Infinite Aloe.

"Thanks again and I'll be a return customer for sure!"

- D. Johnson, IL, USA, 9 Jun 2009


"Everything was in perfect order. I was always aware of what was happening. I felt completely secure giving you guys my credit card information. Thank you again.

"Don't think I have ever had such wonderful customer service when ordering something online."

- Krista Olsen, Carson City, NV, 21 July 2009.