Terms & Privacy Policy

InfiniteAloe Terms & Privacy Policy

We have undertaken to create a safe online environment and have implemented such security standards which can establish a comfortable and safe online shopping environment that you

All customer information is kept secure once submitted by the customer. No information of any kind will be sold or forwarded to any third party of any kind.

Your privacy and security is paramount to the continuous relationship with you. We respect and understand your concern for privacy and one of our missions is to ensure that all information you choose to share with us is handled in the most safe and responsible manner.

We have undertaken to create a safe online environment and have implemented such security standards which can establish a comfortable and safe online shopping environment that you deserve.

Credit Card handling

PayPal has been selected as an on-line payment partner due to their state of the art encrypted on-line security.

We are verified by PayPal and have passed their security checks.

PayPal handles all credit card information. Our Web site and its administration has no access to any other information than customer name, e-mail, and shipping address, as forwarded by the customer. PayPal forward orders and customer shipping preferences to this Web sites administration, but no credit card information of any kind.

PayPal is PCI DSS compliant. As a customer you pay on a secure, PayPal-hosted page and PayPal alone process your credit card account information. PayPal adheres to international PCI (Payment Card Industry) and CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program) standards for data protection.


You were charged for something you didn't buy

As a fraud-prevention measure PayPal send an email confirmation for every online PayPal payment that you make. If you receive an email confirmation for a transaction that you didn't approve, contact us or PayPal immediately and we'll work to quickly resolve the issue — you won't be responsible for any unauthorized charges.

What you bought never showed up

At any time you placed an order and the products did not deliver you are encouraged to contact us on an immediate basis and we will help to solve the issue. To further secure your purchase, regardless of where you shop online, PayPal’s Buyer Complaint Policy lets you submit a dispute for an item you don’t receive. You have the opportunity to resolve your dispute directly with the Seller or escalate to a claim. We, the Seller, will always work with you to handle any shipping issues.

What you bought was very different from what you actually got

If any product did not match what you purchased contact us on an immediate basis. To further secure your purchase, PayPal’s Buyer Complaint Policy lets you submit a dispute for an item that is significantly not as described. By doing so, you have the opportunity to resolve your dispute directly with the Seller. We, the Seller, will always work with you to handle any shipping issues.


We are PayPal Verified

PayPal's Verification System allows you to learn more about users before you pay them through PayPal. Verify that the information below is consistent with the business, organization or person you wish to pay.

Email: contact@neverhavedryskin.com
Status: Verified
Account Creation Date: Sept. 23, 2008

What it Means to be Verified?

To become Verified, a PayPal member in the United States must provide us with proof that he or she has opened an account at a bank or other financial institution. Because these institutions are required by law to screen account holders, PayPal's verification process increases security when you pay parties you do not know.

InfiniteAloe Trial - Terms of Use

 At various times www.neverhavedryskin.com offer four free ½ oz InfiniteAloe sample sizes to new customers only. These promotional sample sizes are not being sold, the user are only paying for the shipping cost.

The trial is intended for skin care users in United States not yet familiar with the benefits of InfiniteAloe’s properties.

We only accept one set of four ½ oz sample sizes per household. The offer does not restart with a new promotion. If we suspect any fraudulent use we reserve the right to refund the payment and cancel the order. All orders are cross referenced with other free InfiniteAloe travel size promotions and with other suppliers.

Due to misuse of our offers in the past, this offer can be canceled at any time without notice.

This is a stand alone deal and cannot be combined with another order and the deal valid in United States only.

In case the store ship settings could not be changed at the time of the promotion to fit this offer, we reserve that this offer will be shipped with US First Class Mail only.

Shipping policy

We offer Priority and Express shipments through our dynamic shopping cart.

Shipping cost

All shipping cost as well as delivery time are displayed in our shopping cart during check-out. An immediate estimation of shipping cost will be displayed based on the IP adress of the computer the buyer is using. That estimated shipping cost could change throughout the order process if the products are delivered to another location than the IP address.

Shipping time

The shipping time displayed in the shopping cart is within a range of business days and it varies, all from the delivery location to how many stations the package needs to processed through to reach the delivery address. The shopping cart will dynamically update the shipping cost as the buyer update the order or destination.

All orders are finally processed through a third party shipping partner who meets the expected standard. Orders are delivered through either FedEx or USPS and all orders are secured in packages that meets the market shipping standard. Priority orders are shipped out within a turnover time of 48 hours. Weekends and holidays are added to the expected turnover time.

Express orders

Express orders are shipped the same day if the order can be processed before the pacific standard time cut-off time or it ships the following business day. The cut-off time could vary depending on season. All Express orders placed during weekends and holidays will ship out on the first following business day.

Tracking number

Tacking numbers will be forwarded upon request. All orders are acknowledged through email and buyers can return those emails requesting the tracking number. Order number should be included with the tracking request. We guarantee the order will deliver. The buyer is not responsible for the order until it has delivered. All packages are insured by the shipper.


Orders delivered with FedEx could be left by the door if nothing else has been alerted by the buyer during the time when the order is placed. USPS orders are picked up at the local station if there are no other local arrangement. If the order is on $100 or above an optional signature confirmation on the delivery will be offered and an adult must then sign for the package.

Any order that arrives damaged will be replaced at no extra cost for the buyer. The buyer then will be asked to return the damaged product. The shipper will arrange such return, not at the expense of the buyer, and a new replacement product will be shipped after the damaged product has been received. At the time of such return the shipper assume such damages has occurred as all returns based on the satisfactory guarantee is paid by the buyer.

Undelivered orders

Undelivered orders due to incomplete shipping information will be returned and the shipper is not obligated to re-ship the package until a new shipping fee has been procured. If the buyer decides to ask to refund the undelivered product only the product cost can be refunded as in such case when the order has been shipped and returned the shipping fee has been used up and cannot be refunded. If it can be established that the delivery company has failed to deliver and the shipping information was correct, the package will be resubmitted for delivery at no cost of the buyer.

Contact us if more shipping information is needed or you feel that we are not abiding by this policy.

Return policy & Money Back Guarantee

Upon a refund request the buyer must return the unused portion of the product in the original container(s) back to the supplier to an address that can be requested in the below link. The reason for this inconvenience is to prevent fraudulent requests.

Refunds or Exchanges can ONLY be made for a Single Order. Proof of purchase must be established with supplier.

The money back guarantee is valid within a three month period from the date of the delivery.

In an effort to reduce fraud, no individual InfiniteAloe Skin Care time to be refunded shall exceed $180.00 in value plus eventual applicable sales tax. No InfiniteAloe Gold refund shall exceed $495.95 in value plus eventual applicable sales tax.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any return or exchange if we suspect fraudulent activity.
  • Once a refund has been applied for, no future orders for the same product will be accepted and additional refund requests will be refused for that product.
  • The Money Back Guarantee does not cover Gift Specials or Corporate Gifts. Products received as Corporate gifts cannot be returned for cash exchange.

Upon return of the products refund is requested for, the supplier will return the buyer the full amount paid with the same payment method used to purchase the returned products.

  • The Money Back Guarantee does not cover the return shipping cost. 
  • Each customer who applies for a refund must pay the shipping back to the supplier.

Contact Us for a shipping address to return the unused portion of the product(s) the refund is requested for.

Wholesale products is not covered by any refund policies.

  • This includes all Specials as (12) 8 oz jars Infinite Aloe, the Gallon InfiniteAloe, and similar deals, sold to the ultimate customer.

If you still have questions unanswered feel free to Contact us at any time.

Newsletter and e-mail promotion policy

You privacy is paramount to our operation. No e-mail address will be sold or forwarded to any third party of any kind and we do not use any form of method to collect personal information but what you forward to us and what we need to perform the service you require out of us.

Mad Mimi has been selected as our on-line marketing partner based on their high integrity policy.

Mad Mimi is our third party partner who distributes our promotion and newsletters. Unless you ask us not to, we may contact you via email in the future to tell you about
  • Specials
  • New products or services
  • Changes to privacy policy
You will be alerted in each order confirmation that we will send you periodic newsletters.

You may opt out of any future contacts from us at any time. Every newsletters contains a secure Opt-Out link and ones you have opted out we not resubmit you for newsletters even though you make any form of contact, including asking for promo codes.

You can also select the option to forward the newsletters to your friends.

If you feel that we are not abiding by this policy, you should Contact us immediately.

NeverHaveDrySkin.com uses SafeUnsubscribe®, which guarantees the permanent removal of your email address from its mailing lists and assures that we are in accordance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Each Newsletter has a link to unsubscribe or change areas of interest. Your privacy is ranked as a priority in our operation.

If you feel that we are not abiding by this policy, you should Contact us immediately.

InfiniteAloe Disclaimer

Benefits of Aloe Vera

The benefits of Aloe Vera have been known for thousands of years. Its powerful effects on health have been documented in ancient writings.

Modern Researchers, in independent studies, have confirmed some of the miraculous wonders Aloe Vera produces.

Recognized authorities on the subject have published volumes of scientific testimony about Aloe Vera, yet the most moving declarations of its potency come from individuals who have found relief in using the product.


We have a collection of testimonials from ordinary people who have used our product in recent years and we publish these, not as proof to the power Aloe, but as written account of the experiences others have had with our product.

We do not make any claim by publishing these reports. It is not our place to promote or validate any "healing" properties of Aloe.

We merely share the experiences reported to us by our customers. The views expressed by others cannot be construed to be the views of our company, the company's management, staff, affiliates, or distributors.

We enjoy hearing from our customers and publish their letters to acknowledge and thank them for buying and using our product again and again. It is they who tell the stories.

We only record and share their communications here with you. These success stories are our users reports.


All images used on NeverHaveDrySkin.com are either royalty free and legally purchased to be used for all kinds of professional documents with no limit on time or copies, as

  • Creation of advertising media
  • Creation of professional documents
  • Illustration of press articles
  • Illustration of websites, blogs, newsletters, web banners...etc.
  • Illustration multimedia documents
  • Illustration/Decorations on TV shows or movies
  • Creation of derivative products (Extended license)
Alternatively, the composite materials has been produced in house. Any form of reproduction of these images are a violation of existing terms and conditions. In spite of the image appears on public view it is not in the public domain.

In the USA, per Berne copyright convention, creation, privately and originally - after April 1, 1989 - is copyrighted and protected whether it has a notice or not.

InfiniteAloe are registered trademarks under applicable laws.

All rights reserved. All copyrights apply.