Organic Aloe Vera

What kind of Aloe Vera do we use?

Aloe Barbadensis Miller is the most potent Aloe Vera plants on the planet among the over 300 different varieties and it is the first and main ingredient. We only use an organic Barbadensis Miller.

Aloe Barbadensis' potent properties are used in burn centers and it is the main ingredient in InfiniteAloe.

Aloe Vera is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-septic.

InfiniteAloe contains only the most potent variety of Aloe Vera's in the world; Barbadensis Miller. It is the main ingredient and the penetrating carrier.

Your skin will allow the Aloe Vera to absorb many times deeper and faster into your skin than water. That is why we use Aloe Vera as the penetrating carrier. It brings down all the other nutrition without cutting and tearing your skin.

This added nutrition stimulates the production of healthy cells and tissues and you will improve your skin condition.


A freshly prepared Aloe Vera can spoil within a few hours at room temperature. While in the intact leaf of the plant it will remain sterile. Aloe Vera producers always have a hard time preserving the Aloe Vera Gel without losing its properties. There are therefore small amounts of preservatives in InfiniteAloe.

It has been determined to be beneficial to use these preservatives compared to pasteurize the product and loose the potency of all natural ingredients, including the master Organic Aloe Barbadensis.

The nourishing ingredients have a beneficial effect on your skin

Aloe Vera is good for connective tissue. It stimulates the growth of new skin cells and removes dead cells. This has a fundamental effect on InfiniteAloe healing properties and the result you can expect.

The molecules of Aloe Vera can hold water molecules together

The ability to hold water is one of the reasons that Aloe Vera is such a good moisturizer. Our skin care is based on Aloe Vera and it is a great moisturizer. Also these molecules are very nutritious.

Aloe Vera's gel contains nutritional and healing phytogenic compounds

The plant contains over 250 bio-available active ingredients naturally balanced in the most efficient way. Nature intended it that way. Its composition has been a subject of considerable scientific research.