Our Shipping Policy

Our Shipping Policy

We offer Priority and Express shipments through our dynamic shopping cart.

Shipping cost

All shipping cost as well as delivery time are displayed in our shopping cart during check-out. An immediate estimation of shipping cost will be displayed based on the IP adress of the computer the buyer is using. That estimated shipping cost could change throughout the order process if the products are delivered to another location than the IP address.

Shipping time

The shipping time displayed in the shopping cart is within a range of business days and it varies, all from the delivery location to how many stations the package needs to processed through to reach the delivery address. The shopping cart will dynamically update the shipping cost as the buyer update the order or destination.

All orders are finally processed through a third party shipping partner who meets the expected standard. Orders are delivered through either FedEx or USPS and all orders are secured in packages that meets the market shipping standard. Priority orders are shipped out within a turnover time of 48 hours. Weekends and holidays are added to the expected turnover time.

Express orders

Express orders are shipped the same day if the order can be processed before the pacific standard time cut-off time or it ships the following business day. The cut-off time could vary depending on season. All Express orders placed during weekends and holidays will ship out on the first following business day.

Tracking number

Tacking numbers will be forwarded upon request. All orders are acknowledged through email and buyers can return those emails requesting the tracking number. Order number should be included with the tracking request. We guarantee the order will deliver. The buyer is not responsible for the order until it has delivered. All packages are insured by the shipper.


Orders delivered with FedEx could be left by the door if nothing else has been alerted by the buyer during the time when the order is placed. USPS orders are picked up at the local station if there are no other local arrangement. If the order is on $100 or above an optional signature confirmation on the delivery will be offered and an adult must then sign for the package.

Any order that arrives damaged will be replaced at no extra cost for the buyer. The buyer then will be asked to return the damaged product. The shipper will arrange such return, not at the expense of the buyer, and a new replacement product will be shipped after the damaged product has been received. At the time of such return the shipper assume such damages has occurred as all returns based on the satisfactory guarantee is paid by the buyer.

Undelivered orders

Undelivered orders due to incomplete shipping information will be returned and the shipper is not obligated to re-ship the package until a new shipping fee has been procured. If the buyer decides to ask to refund the undelivered product only the product cost can be refunded as in such case when the order has been shipped and returned the shipping fee has been used up and cannot be refunded. If it can be established that the delivery company has failed to deliver and the shipping information was correct, the package will be resubmitted for delivery at no cost of the buyer.

Contact us if more shipping information is needed or you feel that we are not abiding by this policy.