Rosacea Success

"My name is Carmen Bond and I have had rosacea for 15 years. Rosacea is a miserable condition. My facial skin was dry, flakey and burned, not to mention the redness and acne that was a source of constant embarrassment.

"I used an expensive prescription for many of those years and the medicine seemed to keep the rosacea at a tolerable level of control until my skin started to show signs of becoming allergic to the medicine. I was very concerned over what I would do.

"However, when I was introduced to an aloe product and read that the skin regimen called Infinite Aloe could help conditions such as rosacea, I decided to try it. To my amazement, my skin disorder improved dramatically!

"Within 3 weeks my skin showed no signs of dryness, redness or acne. I have been using Infinite Aloe for over 6 months now and I am pleased to say that it really works. Consequently, no more expensive prescriptions or doctor visits and the best thing of all, is the healthy condition of my skin. 
Thank you Infinite Aloe."

Carmen Bond, Las Vegas, NV, 9 Sept 2010


“I use the product for Rosacea.  It does clear up redness on the nose area and forehead.  My mom uses it for the same reason as well.”

Rick Pierce Las Vegas, NV, 21 Aug 2010